Current Research

We are currently recruiting volunteers for several studies.
To learn more about how to get involved please click on the study title.

Synchrony of Movement in Latin Dance

We are searching for experienced salsa instructors to help analyze the movement of dancers from a video-recorded salsa class. If this describes you or somebody you know, click the link!

Survey of Pain and Joint Problems After Stroke

Survey of pain and joint problems after stroke

Have you had a stroke more than one year ago? We are interested in understanding other muscle and bone issues that you may be experiencing. Follow the link above to participate in our online survey!

Many people with stroke spend more time with their unaffected leg on the ground when walking (called temporal gait asymmetry or TGA). We think that TGA may cause musculoskeletal (MSK) problems in the legs. This study will characterize MSK issues and describe the relationship between MSK issues and TGA in people who have had a stroke at least 1 year ago.

Adapted dance classes for people with stroke: Randomized Controlled Trial

We think that participation in a dance program will improve gait and balance in people with stroke. This study will compare the effectiveness of a Dance Class and an Exercise and Relaxation Class by examining improvements in balance, gait, social connectedness and quality of life in people with chronic stroke.