Symposium on the Perception and Self-evaluation of Gait and Balance Performance

Dr. Patterson will be chairing a symposium at the upcoming Congress for the International Society of Posture and Gait Research in Montreal, Canada July 2-7, 2022 ISPGR World Congress program – ISPGR Along with Dr. Sjoerd Bruijn and Dr. Elmar Kal, Dr. Patterson will be presenting our research on perception and self-evaluation of gait andContinue reading “Symposium on the Perception and Self-evaluation of Gait and Balance Performance”

GROOVE-D program receives CPSR funding

Let the dancing continue! The Heart and Stroke Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR) recently released the details of the 2016 Catalyst Grant winners. Among the funded projects was, “An investigation of the feasibility of a group and home video dance (GROOVE-D) program to improve gait, balance and mood post-stroke”, which is led by Drs.Continue reading “GROOVE-D program receives CPSR funding”

Plantar sensation and balance after stroke

A recent publication first authored by RELEARN Lab alum, Stephen Parsons, has been featured in the Department of Physical Therapy’s News Roll. Check out the article on the relationship of plantar cutaneous sensation and standing balance post-stroke here: You can also read the full article in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation.